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A short travel through India

Filmed on iPhone while touring India (2018).


Inspired by Roman Polanski's Repulsion.

Created with Patricia Langa, Eleanor Perry & Charlie Knight (2017).

Maurice Ravel Plays Ravel:

Miroirs: II. Oiseaux Tristes

Inspired by the idea of dancing to an original recording by

Maurice Ravel playing his own music; 

"The only love affair I have ever had was with music."

Filmed in Sicily (2016).

Marcel Proust in Berlin:

Swann's Way

Inspired by the writing of Proust, the city of Berlin and photos by Robert Mapplethorpe. Created with Patricia Langa and Will Thompson.

Filmed in 2018


Based on The Waste Land by T.S.Eliot. (2016)

Animal Crossing

Dreaming of somewhere else. Music by Brian Eno. (2015)

Two hooded angels danced at the seashore

Filmed on a beach in Corwall while on tour with Corali Dance Company, a company comprised of dancers with learning disabilities. We played with the idea of being sea angels.

Fear from behind my

Hotel Window

Clips filmed in different hotels on tour.

Created with Eleanor Perry (2014).

Chair Leg

Playing with the idea of still life and what is infocus on

camera.Created with Eleanor Perry (2013).

Glass Menagerie

Based on play of same name by Tennessee Williams,

reflecting fragility of the music by Tobias Picker.

Costume by Ada Zanditon.

Created with Eleanor Perry & Patricia Langa (2013).

Backing Singers

Using simple projections of water at night and velvet with Blue

Velvet (Bobby Vinton) played backwards.

Created with Eleanor Perry and Alessandro Marzotto Levy


La Vie En Rose

Created with my grandma Margaret Hay. It;s mainly about our love of tea and one another. (2013)

Turn Me

Inspired by the music of Brian Eno.

Created with Eleanor Perry (2013).

Lo Struscio

Filmed in Barga, Italy; this short takes inspiration from the

films of Federico Fellini, music of Nino Rota and costumes

(in film) by Kerry Bell. Performed by Eleanor Perry, Patricia

Langa, Ale Marzotto, Roseanna Anderson and

Joshua Ben-Tovim (2013).


Filmed in Maramures region of Romania.

Created with Eleanor Perry (2013).

Nobbin with a Robin

“I spoke fire, laughed smoke, and madness spilled forth from

my inspiration.” Arthur Holitscher

Created with Eleanor Perry (2013).


two waiting

"There is always something melancholic about an empty

chair" Mehmet Murat Ildan. Created with Marion Gurcel


In the Mists

Title taken from music by the same name; composed in 1912,

some years after Leoš Janáček had suffered the death of his

daughter Olga, the piano cycle reflects the sadness and

mystery of death.

Created with Thomasin Gulgec and Sonja Cullingford (2013).

Lost Found Goat

Filmed in Morocco with Patricia Langa, Roseanna Anderson, Joshua Ben Tovim, Eleanor Perry & Alessandro Marzotto Levy (2015)

Club Luna

Landing on an alien landscape. Filmed by Beachy Head.

Influenced by Nasa's recordings of space by Voyager

spacecraft.Created with Eleanor Perry (2012).


Based on life and Music of Erik Satie - "I am tired of always

dying with a broken heart." "I took to my room and let small

things evolve slowly."Created with designer/performer

Rebecca Slade (2012).


A boy tries to dance with a girl.

Music by Luke Vibret. Created with Maria Hayday (2011).

Runner-up in Matthew Bourne's Choreographic Awards.

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