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Taken from a famous interview of Oliver Reed from 1975.

Performed with Josh Spear (2017).


Clip taken from a spelling B competition.

Performed and composed with Josh Spear (2017).

High Art Meets Low Art:

The Katie Price Workout

Audio taken from opening of Katie Price's workout video.

Created with Eleanor Perry (2014).

Quality Curtains

Audio clip taken from interview of woman in Curtain Shop

for shop's promo video. (2014)

Bavarian Real Estate

Created with Eleanor Perry (2014).

Impossible Cashmere


Classic Shirley Bassey track (2013).


Created with and starring Tom Marshman (2017)

Brahms Cello Sonata in E Minor

By Daniel Hay-Gordon, Ale Marzotto Levy, Owen Ridley-DeMonick and Rainer Haslehofer (2014)

"What are you doing in there?"

Made with Eleanor Perry (2014)

The Love School

Made with Carl Harrison (2015)


Made with Eleanor Perry in Romania (2014)


Made at Darlington with Joss Carter and Roseanna Anderson at Darlington (2013)

Short Hours with Bends and Spectres

Made with Eleanor Perry (2013)

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