Daniel is a UK based freelance artist working throughout the UK, Europe and the USA to critical acclaim as a dancer, performer, choreographer and filmmaker. 

• • •

“I can think of no other male performer for whom movement is a more naturally expressive state. There is no other-dimensionality to Hay-Gordon, no barrier of self-consciousness or artifice. All is weight and heft and flow.”

(The Observor)

"marvellously eloquent"

(Time Out New York)

"hypnotic poetry in motion"

(Evening Standard)

"Hay-Gordon is excellent: compelling, and utterly physically commanding."

(A Younger Theatre)

"Hay-Gordon finally gets out of his chair to perform one of the most naturally expressive contemporary dances I’ve ever seen, he completely shatters my expectations. Hay-Gordon’s dancing honestly took my breath away."

(Everything Theatre)

"Daniel Hay-Gordon is such a beautiful dancer to watch, the audience would probably be happy to watch him perform his solo for the full hour"

(Cloud Dance Festival)